Monday, January 01, 2007

Why do men drink?

This is the season for parties and drinking. I had quite a fair bit too. =)
Anyways, why do men drink? Simply because men just wanna get drunk? I'm not too sure, maybe you can tell me. Submit your vote now.

Special thanks to doink for suggesting this great poll question, and a new poll category "Pondering Notion". Feel free to check out her recent write-up "Beyond the 2.5 decade for men", a fantastic post.

Poll ended on 18Jan'2007


doink said...

whooppieee !!! rock your vote, Chris !!! hehe ...sorry ..liquor overdose from new year partying ..

Your post on my blog, coming right up in due time. You deserve a well drafted feedback ! ;)

Happy New Year !!

whoooppppiiiieeee.....daaaapaaa ..doooo ..

Just me,

Chris said...

wo wo wo, you're real high
that's exactly the right way to enjoy it. haha
have fun...cheers

Claire said...

Thanks, happy new year to you too!

Michael said...

Happy New YEAR! :D

HMM.. i think it's something those men do :P hehe.. i don't really like to drink alot.. had bad experiences @@".. be afraid.. be very afraid... :D

have a nice new year ^^Y

Sue's Daily Photos said...

Happy new year to you too Chris! I'm not into drinking at all and had bad experiences as a child with my father...who was drinking. So I think this subject is not for me... sorry not to vote in this case, o.k.??

Chris said...

claire- welcome

michael- I'm not into drinking too, just occasionally, thanks.

sue- I'm sorry to hear about that. and certainly you don't need to vote if you don't feel like to..take care

tarek said...

hey thx for ur comment, hapy new year as well,

Chris said...

tarek- most welcome, cheers

Peter Chen said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks for poping a comment and a New Year greeting in my post Why I changed the Header. 2007 still have 260+ days to go so I suppose it is not too late to wish you and your readers a happy and prosperous 2007.

BTW, I see you do snorkelling, and hopefully scuba diving too. Do you have any nice digital photo of the undersea sceneries to put on my blog Guide to Malaysia?

Peter aka Enviroman
Enviroman Says

Chris said...

Peter- My pleasure, it's never too late. I think I have that, lemme go locate it, will keep you updated. Cheers

ketyung said...

Hi Chris;

You might need this gadget :)

Happy New Year

R2K said...

: )

p4p said...

I suspect men drink so that they have an excuse to touch each other, and/or as it gives them the courage to talk to the women/men they are attracted to in their general vicinity. The scope of the people they are attracted to probably incerases with each and every drink as the beer (or hard alcohol, or wine) goggles make their footing.

Some drunken men may even flirt with a doornob, or perhaps a coat rack if it was acting come-hithery enough.

Maybe you could set up an e-vote on good comic-book type names for those with the uncanny ability to deal with hangovers. (see, for example, one of my blogs: )
OR maybe options for what to do when you wake up beside a coatrack (or other beer-goggle influenced mate)

Chris said...

ketyung- thanks for the recommendation, sure I need that. =)

R2K- thanks for dropping by

p4p- that's a very good suggestion, I'll figure that out. thank you

careerstrategist said...

Chris, this is a great site. I love your humor. How do I link in...or do you have subscribers to your site?

careerstrategist said...

Chris, this is a great site. I enjoy your humor. Keep it up!

Chris said...

careerstrategist- Thank you so much for dropping by. Yes, you can always subscribe to my blog by clicking "Subscribe to this blog". Cheers.

Melissa said...


I love this site. I want to put some polls on my site too from time to time.

Did you end up seeing Little Children?


Chris said...

Melissa, hi thank you. I watched that, it's absolutely fantastic. Kate Winslet has done a great job.

Rexted said...

Hello Chris and Doink, Happy New Year. You might want to see my post regarding your Poll.

Chris said...

rexted- that's very nice of you. Oh God, this is so touching. thank you so much. I owe you a favor, pal.

doink said...


The poll has ended ? Oh well, thanks for putting it up again. Check out my closure on this post subject.